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BIO CLINIC® concept applies comprehensive, interactive treatment that considers all biological, medical and dental aspects as the only way to bring about profound healing. The concept mobilises and reactivates the natural immune system and bolsters the body’s self-healing abilities. This lays the foundation to cure even the most severe illnesses and provide a lasting improvement to quality of life.

Get well

Stay well

Only when biological medicine and dentistry work hand-in-glove will patients have a real chance to experience profound and holistic healing.

Faced with the spiralling increase in chronic diseases, this form of medicine is the only escape from the current dead end.

The immune system improves significantly, simply by removing metals and treating the sources of inflammation in the mouth and jaw areas. Patients have an improved chance of recovery by relieving and strengthening the immune system and by eliminating other harmful factors.

Becoming a patient

Kindly send us the following documents so that we can prepare a free of charge, preliminary and non-binding assessment of your situation including cost estimate:

  • digital panorama x-ray image,
  • your vitamin D3 (ng/ml) and LDL (g/I) levels,
  • our completed questionnaire (medical history)

We are committed to observing patient confidentiality and maintaining the utmost discretion. This is why the protection of personal data in all communication with patients is our highest priority.

Please use the contact formular. Otherwise send us a email including the following data to kontakt@bioclinic.pl