Bio Clinic - Biological Dentistry

As one of the first center for Biological Dentistry in Poland, we specialize in ceramic implants, the treatment of cavitation (osteonecrosis, the removal of amalgam and other metal remediation processes under maximum protection. In addicion to high-end dentistry in the field of all ceramics, fuctional and aesthetic dentistry, we offer a uniqe concept for your health and aesthetics.

Modern dentistry faces the challenge of meeting the increased need of patients for health, functionality and aesthetics. In this light, it is becoming increasingly important to consider and actively use holistic aspects in diagnostics and therapy. Besides classic artisan dental medicine, biological dentistry also takes into account the basic principles of natural science in its complexity and interaction with regard to the human organism. Under the motto, “The Mouth as a Mirror for Health”, biological dental medicine takes a closer look at the basic principles of chemistry, physics and biochemistry and establishes a connection between the chronic systemic diseases and disorders of the oral cavity.

You most likely know already that dental health is closely related to many chronic diseases. The following provides you with information about our services and procedures. Your cooperation and understanding are essential elements of a successful treatment and therapy.

Bio Clinic - Igor Dogocki - Biological Dentistry